Pastor Jerry Weddings

Pastor Jerry graduated from Bowling Green State University (The Fighting Falcons) in Ohio where he met Debbie Pavlansky, a beautiful compassionate girl who caught his eye and won his heart. Actually he chased her!  They were married a few years later. Pastor Jerry and Debbie have four children and six grandchildren. He received a Master's of Divinity and a Doctorate for pastoral ministry. He has fun and meaningful memories of growing in a large family in Alliance, Ohio. 
My Wedding 38 Years Ago

Pastor Jerry is the Senior Pastor of Kirk Church in Dunedin, Florida. He has also served to churches in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.  Kirk Church is a non-denominational church.  Jerry is a movie nut, the more action the better, but he can tolerate a good chick flick if he has too (date night).  He enjoys officiating weddings and helping couples confess their love publicly in fun and meaningful ceremonies.  Contact him today about your wedding  Call or text (727)735-2089