The Right Venue

My local church is open for use by any bride and groom who desire a beautiful, center isle sanctuary. The Kirk of Dunedin Community Church is a wonderful venue for weddings. The sanctuary seats more than 500 with a large front chancel, two grand pianos and a classic theater organ. For a small fee you can host your event in this beautiful sanctuary. The church website is Call 727-733-9305 to set up an appointment to see the sanctuary or if you have questions.

Some people love the idea of an outside wedding. For that I recommend the Rusty Pelican Restaurant in Tampa. The Rusty Pelican is a full service restaurant offering a Gulf Side Gazebo for your wedding, and beautiful rooms for your reception. 

Here is a watercolor painting of the Rusty Pelican Gazebo by my wife Debbie who is an internationally known artis. If you would like a personalized painting of any kind, or a original of the Rusty Pelican Wedding Gazebo, contact me at and I'll give your email along to her.